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Are you looking for success, but need a little help to get there? You're in the right place!

About Us

The educational institutions and workforce development organizations in the three counties will develop a guided pathway with stackable skills and credentials provided in course work, workshops, mentoring and assorted support services.


We will empower the residents of our communities, especially those who are economically disadvantaged, African American and/or Latinx, to be change-agents, using their passion, interests, skills and entrepreneurial spirit.




Economically disadvantaged people in North Carolina are more likely to be affected than those who have more money. Fewer people from these backgrounds earn post-secondary credentials than those who have more money. Race and ethnicity also play a big role in how many people get their degrees. While Asian and white residents always do better than the state's average, Black, Hispanic, and Native residents always do worse.

Vision Statement


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Pasquotank, Tyrrell, and Washington County

of North Carolina. 

County Profiles
Pasquotank (1).gif

Pasquotank County is a county in North Carolina, United States. The population was 40,568 as of the 2020 Census. Elizabeth City is the county seat. The county began as Pasquotank Precinct and was elevated to county rank in 1739.


Tyrrell County is a county in North Carolina, United States. The population was 3,245 as of the 2020 Census, making it the least populated county in North Carolina. Columbia is the county seat. Tyrrell Precinct was established in 1729 and was elevated to county status in 1739.


Washington County is a county in North Carolina, United States. The population was 11,003 as of the 2020 Census. Plymouth is the county seat. The western section of Tyrrell County was created into the county in 1799. It was named in honor of George Washington.



Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City State University offers bachelor, professional, and master's degrees. Our goal is to help individuals in northeastern North Carolina advance economically, socially, and environmentally. The institution's rich history and multicultural student-centered orientation offer a solid basis for its activities in teaching, research, and community involvement.

River City Community Development Corporation

Growing to meet community needs​

River City CDC's mission is to strengthen communities and improve residents' quality of life in Elizabeth City and Northeastern North Carolina.

Tyrrell County Schools

Tyrrell County Schools System focuses on producing a responsible and productive population capable of meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century. This mission will be accomplished thanks to the dedication and cooperation of our diverse community.

Committed Community Stakeholders

Washington County Schools

Partners in Learning

Washington County Schools' purpose is to motivate all children to achieve their greatest potential on a daily basis.

The COA Foundation can provide scholarship opportunities for our students, professional development for our faculty and staff, and continue to transform our communities with your generous support.

College of the Albemarle


Albemarle Commission

Albemarle commission

Northeastern Workforce Development Board

Enhance our member governments' capacity to improve the quality of life for our inhabitants in the Albemarle Region by providing direct services and help in planning, program creation and administration, public-private partnerships, and leadership.

The Tyrrell-Washington Partnership for Children, Inc. will provide opportunities for children and families to have an improved quality of life.

Tyrrell-Washington Smart Smart Partnership for Children

NC Works

Mission To guarantee that North Carolina has a workforce development system that is creative, relevant, effective, and efficient in developing adaptive, work-ready, skilled people to meet the present and future demands of workers and companies in order to achieve and maintain economic growth.

NCWorks Career Center

Northeast NC Career Pathways

The Northeast Region of North Carolina has changed the principles since the initiative's start to allow for regional development and local customization. Developing regional paths is a viable technique, particularly in rural regions where resources and job options are limited. This website is committed to showcasing our regional work, fostering cooperation, and encouraging our kids to pursue interesting career opportunities.

Beaufort County Community College

Beaufort County Community College will be a visionary community leader who supports economic and social mobility by providing educational opportunities connected to career growth, public service, and cultural and personal enrichment.

City of Elizabeth City

To engage ALL inhabitants in cooperation and provide excellent service to build an appealing community that offers opportunities for a decent quality of life.

Habor of Hospiltatity ​


Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public School

Preparing Globally Competitive Citizens

To guarantee that all learners are prepared and engaged in an innovative, responsive, and safe environment.

Project GAP

A workforce development initiative
of Elizabeth City State University

Disconnected young people ages 18-24, including mothers with dependent children, the long-term jobless, single parents, foster care participants, high school dropouts, court-referred persons, and academically at-risk ECSU students, get educational and supporting assistance.



  1. Inform and advise the Latino community about the different programs and services that are available. 

  2. Encourage the active participation of the support network of promoters and promoters through volunteer service in the Latino community.

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